20 August, 2008

Bahamas Day 2 & Yucky Day

So the next day we woke up and immediately started getting ready for our SNORKELING TRIP! We rode out in a kat (so much like the Pegasus II) and Steve and I sat up on the top with the captain, Roscoe. He let me drive for a while! It was awesome! The water was completely clear - you could see all the way down to the sand. It was amazing.

So on the way there we chatted with Roscoe, and then it came up that we were on our honeymoon. Roscoe had some wonderful advice for us....

Roscoe: Love, (referring to me) do you want my five cents about ya marriage?
Me: Yes!
Roscoe: Okay when you ah prignant wit da baby and you cravin some KFC an you want deh wing and deh thigh you tell your husband, "Go to KFC hon and get me deh wing and deh thigh." So he come back and know what? He got a breast and a popcorn cheeken. You know what you say, love? I'll tell you. You say, "Thanks mon fo getting me this cheeken, but I don' want it. You eat this. I will go, mon. I will get the cheeken I want. But I respeck you fo yo effaht."
Me: Mmm yeah, good. Got it. 
Roscoe: And fo you mon (referring to Steve), I understand da newly married years, you still got those sweethearts on the side, mon. When I was first married I had one too. But you know what? When you is in those ahguments  wit you wife, don' call yo sweethearts, talk to you wife and only her. The Bible says "when a man leave his motha and fatha and cleave to his wife, then he be happy, mon". So this woman - what's yo name honey? -Brooke - Okay, Brooke be you wife, so cleave, mon."

Best advice. Ever.

So we got to our destination and anchored the boat, which was actually a complicated process, involving all of the crew members. It went like this:

Roscoe: Ween! (wayne) Ween! Set da ai-ncha! (anchor). Moh-gan! Tell Ween to set da ai-ncha!
Moh-gan (huge white guy pretending to be a rasta): Ween! Roscoe, Ween can't hear me! 
Roscoe: Jason (10-year-old Jamaican deck hand) find Ween, tell him to set da ai-ncha!
Jason runs until he finds Ween, aincha gets set.

We got our masks and fins on as fast we could and jumped in the water. Steve had a bag of dog food and a flurry of yellow and black striped fish swarmed him. We got some awesome underwater pics. We were snorkeling at a site where two ships had sunk during WWII. It was AWESOME. The fish were all iridescent reds, pinks, purples, blues and yellows. The coral was bright and strong and HUGE. It kinda freaked me out when we'd be in super deep water, but a piece of coral had somehow grown long enough to tickle my thigh as we swam across the surface. 

At one point we saw a barracuda. Steve likes to touch every fish he sees, so I warned him about this one, pulling him up to the surface and telling him, "THAT FISH IS A BARRACUDA!" Steve's response: Sweet.

I thought he was just being brave, I was freaked out. All that thing had to do was turn around and charge me, and I'd be dead. Steve just kept snorkeling like nothing was wrong, so I assumed he was aware of the danger, but completely unafraid. Later I found out that he had never heard of a barracuda before. 

It was so peaceful under the water. I love it because you really don't hear anything, just your own breathing. After about an hour we headed back in the boat, and slept on the bow the entire way back. 

That night we went to a fancy dinner at our resort - I ordered the black pepper seared yellow snapper (which was AMAZING) and Steven got a pork chop, which was super good.

This was one of the best days EVER.


Back in real life, our little family is SICK. Last night my throat started hurting - I've been sleeping like crazy the past few days, so I figured some kind of illness was on its way. This morning I woke up around nine and I felt like I was inches from death. Steven feels horrible too. Our stomachs are way sick and then our throats are so sore. We keep coughing and our faces are totally pale and swollen. Poor us.

Especially poor us because we only have ten days left here in Florida and Steven needs to rake in the bucks! 

I kind of like being sick. It reminds me of when we were little and had a cold or the flu and we'd curl up in Mom's white afghan and watch The Princess Bride. 

The hurricane is actually very mild here compared to all the warnings and forecasts we received.

Okay that's all for today, more tomorrow.



  1. We hope you both get better really soon! Yeah, Florida is a beautiful place to visit - I can't imagine living there. I used to live in Mobile, AL and that was crappy - tons of snakes and drive-by shootings. We 'd go to Florida a couple times a month for the beaches - which was a fun getaway. But once you left the peace of the beach it was total yuck. I hope you guys leave Florida with a ton of money.


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