01 July, 2008

today and places

Today I...

1. Took my dress to a tailor to put sleeves on it. So expensive. I tried to barter with her, and then I tried to tell her I would babysit her kids for a discount, but I think she thought that was creepy.

2. Picked up and paid for the Lindt reception favor boxes. Linda was very loving even though I was so late to pick them up.

3. Compiled the list of our friends who are being sent invitations. By the way, thanks for all you're doing invitation-wise, madre. We so much appreciate it.

And then a few other menial things that aren't super important.

I had an epiphany today though, and that is that I really need to stop worrying about how expensive this wedding is going to be and sacrifice our funds in order to make this the perfect day. I will only have one wedding day and I have been skimping way too much. I am a reformed bride-to-be. From now on I will (still be frugal) but focus more on the day than the budget. Mom, stop cringing. Please.

Also, for posterity sake and because I don't like manually writing - here is something I would put in my journal but am going to put on the blog instead:
My Top 25 Favorite Places
** Even before number one is any place that Steven is, assuming he is with me, these are my top favorite places:
1. The red couch in the front room in the house in Sitka around Halloween-time
2. Mom and Dad's bed (they take it wherever we go)
3. The curved tree in the backyard at the Sitka house
4. HPR
5. The SLC temple grounds
6. Verstovia
7. Aunt Camielle's house eating her hidden candy, watching HGTV in our jammies
8. Rose's big Asian-designed bowl chair in her front room
9. Rose's jeep on a road trip anywhere between Ogden and Malad
10. A specific patch of sand at Clearwater Beach here in FL
11. The basketball court by our apartments at Nimits Towers in Guam
12. The waiting room in the Idaho Falls Temple
13. My old room in Sitka when me and Sierra shared it
14. Ventura Beach
15. My old apartment in Simi Valley with Scariness (Cary) and the Lyons brothers
16. Any movie theater with Steven because he loves watching movies so much and he's always in such a good mood when we go.
17. The PLASMA CENTER! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
18. Trevor and Caci's apartment in Provo at Wymount
19. That abandoned island in Palau where Bry fell asleep completely naked on the sand (he was a toddler)
20. Natalia's loft/Fawn's roof/Hedy's computer-area
21. Pirate's Cove in the nets
22. Out on the boat with Dad in Guam or Sitka or Lake Mead
23. Anywhere along the PCH
24. Ludwig's in Sitka
25. Disneyland

1 comment:

  1. I didn't cringe, honey ... I felt relieved! Money comes and money goes - it's just a thing. But the memories of your wedding day will be with you forever. Glad you've come to your senses!

    And it was sweet to read about your favorite places. Some of those are on my top 25 as well :)


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