08 July, 2008

"Off the Florida Keys, there is a place called" Indian Key Island

For the Fourth of July weekend, Steven and I drove down to the Keys with Trevor and Caci. It was definitely an interesting experience. The Keys are beautiful in their own way. Not at all like how the Beach Boys portray them in "Kokomo" but still, they are very pretty.

The first night we paddled out to an island that had once been inhabited, but all of the people had been slaughtered and the buildings were burned down by a tribe of Indians in the 1800's. The boys all paddled out to it in the evening while Caci, Jace, and I went to the s
tore to get some food. Steven stayed behind to set up a firepit while Jeff and Trevor brought the raft back. Trevor laid across the front, paddles in both of his hands, steering. Jeff was the rudder, he held on the the raft in the back then kicked with a pair of flippers. It was quite the system. 
By the time we got to the island it was pitch black, and Steve had set up a beautiful little campsite for us. Because it was so dark I didn't see the tribe of rabbits that inhabit the island, or the 2 inch long hermit crabs that are seriously EVERYWHERE.

Anyway. The night went well until about 2 AM. Jeff was fast asleep, Caci and Jace were a
lmost asleep, and me and Steve and Trevor were talking up a storm, and then we heard a HUMAN BEING walk
ing around in the foliage behind us. It happened twice, so we re-arranged ourselves so that we were closer to the shore than to the jungle. We woke Jeff up to go find the psycho killer and take him down, but he fell right back asleep. So we re-started the fire and said many silent prayers but pretending not to be scared. It was humid enough that we were dying of heat, but there were so many bugs that we wanted blankets.... 
(Oh waaah, little baby. Stop complaining. Right?) I now have an enormous, disgusting rash spanning about 8 inches across my thigh because I got bitten by some strange, poisonous creature. Don't worry, I'm taking benadryl and putting hydrocordesone cream on it, so I will survive. 

 The next day we showered and napped in a hotel in Key West, explored a few 
beaches, went to dinner, then crashed. 
We spent Sunday snorkeling and slowly making our way back up to Brandon.  It was a fabulous way to spend the weekend, and for more pictures, check facebook, I'm posting them there.

Okay, other than that, things are going really well. My dress is almost done! I'm picking it up tomorrow! I just need shoes and a veil now. We are picking out Steven's suit on Saturday. YAY! 
The Redferns are coming in 10 days! We can't wait to see them! 

I think that's all for now. XOXO



  1. Fun! Now I'm going to facebook to see more pictures ... I originally was going to look for flights, but I keep getting sidetracked :)

  2. I know you don't know me, but I know Steve quite well, or used to 'back in the day'. I just wanted to say that we received your wedding invitation and it is beautiful. You guys look so happy and we're excited for you. Tell Steve he lucked out getting such a hot girl. :)

  3. hahahaha We blogged about the same experience but had two completely polar reports on it!!! Quit being so grouchy!!!! I was the one up all night with a screaming, sick, baby!!! I think we all need to go back this time with a boat and without Jace. I want to snorkel the reef SOOOOOOOOOO bad!!!!

  4. haha im' a wimp caci! but i agree with ya, let's leave jace and bring a boat. and a tent... with a/c :)


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