17 June, 2008


Want to hear the sweetest story ever? So my sister-in-law, Caci has a brother named Davy who is 18. He's out here selling for the summer with us. So he noticed that my flip flops are very tattered, you can kind of see them here - I wear them every day and I've had them for a few years now, they used to be so cute....

Anyway, he noticed how tattered and old they were, and a few days ago started asking me about them, "What size do you wear? Why do you like that style? What store are they from? Why haven't you thrown them away?"
I explained that they are fine for me for the rest of the summer, that buying new shoes for me really isn't a priority till we have more money

to spend.

So today I went into work after the passport appointment, and Davy followed me into the hallway with a bag from Hollister and two BEAUTIFUL pairs of flip flops for me to choose between.

Davy is one of my favorite people (and not just because he bought me shoes).

He is always so aware of what other people want and need. He is sweet and innocent, but you still feel very safe around him. I am so glad that he is (kind of) my brother. Steven and I have loved getting to know him better since we've been here in Florida.

So for all of you hot, single ladies out there under the age of 18 and above the age of 15... (I can really only think of one) Davy WILL be at our wedding as a groomsman ;)


  1. what a nice young msn...just the kind you want your daughter to date....hint hint!


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