12 June, 2008

Steven is SO MATURE

Why? I will tell you.

1. When Steven and I had been dating for about a month (maybe less) I took his car to the store, and as many of you know, my depth perception isn't the greatest, so sometimes I park a little weird. I had pulled REALLY forward in my parking spot, there wasn't a car opposite of me yet, so I didn't think it would be a big deal. 
When I came back out of the store, a van had parked opposite of me and was about an inch away from the bumper, and right above the front license plate on Steven's car there was a HUGE crack. 
I was so worried. The whole ride back I was trying to think of ways to tell him without making him mad, how I could fix it, etc. 
So he got to my house a little bit later and I tried to carry on a normal conversation before I sprung the terrible news at him, but I just couldn't hold it in, so I told him about the whole ordeal. I was completely expecting him to run outside and see the damage before he decided whether he still liked me of not.
Instead he just snuggled me and said that it wasn't a big deal and that he still "liked" me the same as he did before I told him about the gargantuan crack. I told him to go outside and look at it before he said anything like that. 
Now here is what amazes me: He refused to go outside and look at it until I accepted that his feelings for me would not change no matter what he was about to see. 
Turns out the crack was already there. But isn't that amazing? He is SO mature.

2. At the end of the semester my cleaning business was totally failing and I was so overstressed that after a bunch of crazy and sad events transpired I told Steven that I wanted to leave Rexburg THAT NIGHT. So we put our affairs in order, packed up our cars, and left late that night. 
His selflessness in just picking up and leaving with me shows how mature he is. He knew that I would regret leaving early later, he knew that I was overreacting to all of my stress, he knew that we'd be driving into the early hours of the morning, but he didn't even blink when I told him we had to leave.

3. Sometimes I get stressed and grouchy for things that are out of my control (finding lost passports/birth certificates, how much the government charges us for copies of these things, traffic, etc)... and you know what? Steven NEVER gets mad at me when I get grouchy, he never gets frustrated, he just lets me vent and then loves me till I feel better. He has the foresight and maturity to see what I need and then he does what is best for us.

I am the luckiest person alive. 

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  1. aw Brooke! That is so sweet, I am so happy you found the perfect person for you. and by the way your engagement pictures are amazing! I got your message, or rather the e-mail of your message, but I'm at work and it blocks facebook so I will write you back as soon as I can! Wonderful subject by the way! :)


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