14 June, 2008

saturday used to be cleaning day

Last night Steven got SIX SALES! That is amazing! And they will all be on this pay period, which is a miracle. Not sure how long this will be up, but you can see a shout out given to him from the owner of the company on our company website here on the right side in the "message board" box. What a stud. Not the owner, I'm talking about Steve, but I'm sure the owner is a stud too.

Steven just called and he got a sale on his first door. Stud, I tell you.
Here are the things I am going to buy when we have lots of money to spend on frivolous things:

1. Nair - I really want to try it.

2. Sunless tanner - cheaper than passes to a tanning salon. I lay in the sun almost every day and Steven is outside in the blaring sunlight for like 8 hours a day which is great for the exposed parts of our bodies, but not so much for the rest... yep.

3. Folic Acid vitamins. You are supposed to take them up to 2 years before you decide to have a baby so it can be as healthy as possible. I will also start eating yams soon cause I hear that there is a hormone in yams that increase your chance for having twinners!

4. Brownie mixes. They are only a dollar at Wal Mart but I can't justify stocking up on them with our current balance.

5. Checks. We desperately need these, but I don't want to buy a way to spend more money quite yet.

6. A deep conditioner for my hair, I don't want it to be fried for my special day/night.

7. Lots of candy for Steven. Since we've been here in Florida I have been forcing him to eat healthily. He is suffering.

That's all. Hope everyone's having a good Saturday!


  1. WOOHOO STEVEO! You inherited the Redfern sales ability! Keep up the good work...you have a fam t support and we need to buy some nair for Brooke! luv your guts!!

  2. YAY Steve!!!! It's cute, Brooke, that you consider these frivolities. I hope you print these blogs so you'll have this journal keeping to look at years from now. Nair isn't all it's cracked up to be ... it's been around since I was barely old enough to shave. But who knows ... maybe you'll get some at your bachelorette party :) Folic Acid, on the other hand, wouldn't be a bad investment at all. (It's supposed to keep your hair from going gray too!) And I'd try anything out there that claims to help you have twins!

  3. hip hip hooray for steve-o! love you!


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