30 June, 2008

Pennsylvania and everything else....

Last week we went to Pennsylvania for the Call Family Reunion. It was awesome.

Our favorite part was going into Amish country, where we went into a crazy Amish joke shop then to a little Amish restaurant called "Good N Plenty". Steven will testify to you, this is the bes
t food we have ever eaten. 

They bring out like 14 different dishes, all really simple things like corn, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, lima beans, etc. But they're all DELICOUS. We ate so much that we were SICK afterwards. Dessert was amazing, too. They brought out huge dishes of chocolate pudding, homemade vanilla and chocolate icecream, cherry crumble and shoofly pie. YUM!

We also got to go into Philadelphia, 
which was absolutely amazing. I was a little bummed that we didn't have more time because there is just SO MUCH history to see. We went on a tour of Independence Hall, which was really 

moving for me. We also went to the Benjamin Franklin museum, the lobby of the African American Museum (it cost eight bucks to get in!), the Liberty Bell, and Ben Franklin's Grave - by the way, he is my relative! 
All in all the trip was great, of course there was the usual family drama going on, after all, "familiarity breeds contempt", but just a little contempt. Overall, my love for everyone in my family grew so much, they are all amazing 

Now we are back in the Flo, and things are going pretty well. We found an apartment in Rexburg for the fall, which is a HUGE relief. I also just compiled our budget/expenses for the next three months, and honestly, we hope you will all still love us when we sell our bodies to pay for our many, many expenses.

Just kidding. But seriously. Life is expensive. Especially when there are two of you. 

We are hardcore praying for pell grants and a distant relative that is in much pain who is ready to die, to pass on and give us a small fortune. 

On the bright side, Steven has had 19 sales serviced this pay period! Woo hoo! 

Wedding planning is coming along pretty well. I have my dress and I got a little sleeve thingy to make it modest, but I don't really like it. Also there is a somewhat fiasco going on in the reception favor department because we thougth we'd be able to buy a certain amount of lindor chocolate box truffle things for the guests, but since we've re-evaluated our budget, we're not quite so sure, which would be fine except that Linda the Lindt/Lindor choclate Lady Loves calling me to Lay down the Law and remind me that they have the boxes and all we need to do is come in and buy them. Oh Linda, Let it be! We are push-overs, so probably as soon as I'm done blogging I will go down there and negotiate. Wish me Luck! :)

Okay for now, that is all. Hope you're all having a great week!



  1. Thats great you found an apartment! Where are you guys staying?

  2. the complex is called appletree apartments. where are you two living?

  3. Thank you so much, both of you, for coming to the reunion. It was a sweet feeling - being together where I grew up :)


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