22 June, 2008

Lizard Girl, Nairobi, Pennsylvania, and Fallon!

Well hello again... we've been so busy, but have oh so many tales for our faithful readers.

First and foremost, is the tale of Lizard Girl. Steven & I were called as Primary Instructors today and were asked to sub for the 8 and 9-year-old class. It has four girls and one boy, all of whom are very precocious and sweet. 

After Singing Time we headed to class, and a little red-headed girl darted for the foyer. Steven of course ran after her, and watched her remove a five inch, scaly green lizard from her scripture case, set it on a rock, then come back inside. Not that unusual, right? 

So the lesson was on being a peacemaker, so of course there are the usual primary questions, "What can YOU do at home to be a peacemaker?" Most of the kids said things like "When your baby sister is crying you can not get mad at her" or "Do the laundry so Mom doesn't have to", then red-head screams out, "LET YOUR FRIENDS HOLD YOUR LIZARD!" 

These kinds of answers prevailed through the entire lesson. Our activities were 1. to draw a picture of our family when they are all happy because we have been peacemakers - she drew a lizard. Then 2. to play a staring game where you try to make the other person laugh. I'm not quite sure what the point of this was. Anyway, the girl took Steven back outside, grabbed her little lizard and made everyone play the staring game with it. Then she put it on my lap. Then she gave everyone five seconds to hold it and pet it. And then she gave various examples of how her lizard was a peacemaker himself. 

We can't wait to sub for that class again. 

Next - Nairobi. Or more accurately, Busch Gardens. Nairobi is both a region in Africa, and a region of Busch Gardens in ghetto Tampa, FL. 

I would like everyone on the Chapman side to know that I didn't do what I usually do on roller-coasters. Not even a little! We plan on going back as frequently as possible. We had an absolute blast - thank you, unnamed Benefactor! 

Okay so we are leaving on Tuesday for Pennsylvania for our Call Reunion. I can't wait to see my family! It's going to be nice to get away from the selling scene as well. Work can be stressful sometimes, and I am really looking forward to getting away for a bit. Plus, Pennsylvania sounds like Transylvania which is super exciting because that reminds me of vampires, which reminds me of Twilight which reminds me that the day before my birthday the TWILIGHT MOVIE COMES OUT! WOO HOOO! Also the fourth book comes out in September. I cannot wait.

Lastly, and this is really important. I, Brooke Chapman, went selling with Steven on Saturday. I GOT A SALE!!!!!!! Her name is Fallon!!!! It was so awesome!!! It's the first sale I've gotten since last ... July? And she's a solid lady too (not really physically,  I mean, she'll stick with the service for a long time). So yay for me! I'm nowhere near Steven's stats, though. 

He is still a LEVEL ONE salesman! He serviced 14 accounts last week! That is awesome!  

Okay that is all for now. Life is going very well. We miss all of you and can't wait to see the Chapmans this week and the Redferns next month! 




  1. i'm afraid the lizard girl is our oldest son...
    i wonder what stories his primary teacher has on him?

  2. I looove lizard girl...she might grow up to be sugarslider lady we met in Vickis ward in Utah whose bat all through sacrament mtg was running up and down her shirt.

  3. 1. congrats on your sale.

    2. steven is the MAN.

    3. PA is a fun place. tyson's birth father is in prison there. put your hand over your heart in his honor for us.

    4. can't wait to see you.

    5. i secretly want tyson to turn into lizard girl ...only the boy version.


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