13 June, 2008

57 Days & Mini Hurricanes

Yesterday there was almost a hurricane here! The wind was blowing the trees almost SIDEWAYS! And it rained like CRAZY! I know this is terrible, but I'm kind of hoping for an all-out, no power, broken window, (but no casualties) hurricane this summer!

In Guam we there were typhoons all the time, and we were there for an 8.2 earthquake! Scary! I was really little, but I remember, especially during typhoons, absolutely LOVING the survival lifestyle - showering in the rain, bringing in buckets of rain water, no electricity... what can I say, I am a very rugged woman.

Also, we only have FIFTY SEVEN DAYS until we get married! I cannot wait. I am measuring it in increments of the fun things we are doing this summer to make it go by faster. Right now I'm counting down to the Call Family Reunion in Pennsylvania which is in about two weeks. Then the Fourth of July (I am positive there will be like a million crazy war protesters in St. Pete which will be soooo interesting, plus I love the fairs and picnics... and yes, I LOVE our country too). Then the Redferns are coming out to FL for a family vacation, so we will go play with them for a few days. That's at the end of July, so the next big event after that is OUR WEDDING! BOO YA!

Steven already has 2 sales today! We need prayers that each sale he makes will go through the system and get serviced, so if you can, remember to include that in your prayers.

The birth certificate should be getting here today, so we should be filing for his passport on Monday, I think we have to do the expedited thingy which will be super expensive, but it's all good in the hood!

Overall, things are going great! We are so happy and excited for the future.. I'm just a little antsy and Steven is really exhausted lately.

Oh and real quick - our beautiful announcements were shipped yesterday to my family's house in NV! So they will be sent out soon! Thanks again to our sweet Caci for all of the work she's done perfecting them. We are so grateful for she and Trevor - they have been so great to us since we've been here.

Okay I think that's all.

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  1. wonderful blog Brookie. And the pictures are great! I'll write more later.


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