07 October, 2017

And Even More Catching Up... The Rest of Summer 2017

Well, the pictures uploaded backwards, so we'll start at the end first:

Sierra and her family came to visit! She took our family picture for the year and isn't she a great photographer?! Everyone looking at the camera. A miracle. 

Mae is just delicious.

We prepped for Gage's baptism that would be coming up in a couple weeks:

And played a lot: (most of these Gage took on his little digital camera)

Took Will to the doctor for some more weird rashes (no, not the red marker spots, ha!):

Oh and at the beginning of the summer, went to the Chinese Lantern Festival:

Played a ton outside:

And snuggled:

Kjel picked this book at the library and it made me laugh. She is basically a vegan:

Kjel graduated from preschool:

And took some incredible selfies:

Lynnette sent us mouse updates regularly:

We picked blueberries:

And made Hayley's delicious blueberry pie: (and a chocolate one on the left)

And snuggled and played some more:

Gage made some money:

And Kjel made some cute faces:


More snuggles:

Ballet camp:

Our NINTH anniversary! Which will get a post of its own someday:

The eclipse!

Lots of family walks and bike rides:

Lots of family time in the kitchen:

And kids just being cute:

Farm visits:

And kids alternately loving and hating summer foods:

Bike rides by the lake:

And golfing in the front yard:

One day Kjel wanted me to blow-dry her hair :)

And we went through a puzzle stage:

Lots of laughing, hiking, creating, and tantrums:

And Merit learned that she absolutely loves the piano:

Kjel helped Steven on some remodeling:

And they all just kept being cute:

Sad dentist visits: 

And the Daddy-Daughter camp-out:

Snuggling, cleaning, chores, walks to the grocery store, etc:

More anniversary pictures:

Will built this giraffe out of paper towel rolls:

Merit ate more than me this summer:

Will diving into morning scripture (or SHRIPPER!) study:

So much time on the trampoline this summer:

Oh, I will miss those summer nights.

Harper Lee describes Scout's first summer before school as one that passed in "routine contentment" and that was ours. Odd Squad during baby naps, mom's rest time, the big kids fended for themselves, and then we'd all get up and do something fun. We'd have reading days and outside days and library days and errand days... all good days. But my favorite days were the ones that we spent out on the trampoline, eating popcorn and berries and cheese and crackers, barefoot and sun kissed and happy. Oh, I loved this summer!
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