25 March, 2017

Kjel's Art

I don't have time right now to drag these in chronological order - but the earliest ones are from January of this year. Can you believe how rapidly she's progressed from that stage where people are shaped like potatoes with arms coming out of their heads, to actual figure drawing, with heads and torsos and legs? And cute hair, crowns, and smiles? I love her style. She's a perfectionist, though, and will X out anything that she doesn't like. 

My favorites are the ones she draws of she and I dancing. She does lots of those :).

 robot ^^

 she always signs her name with a little self portrait beside it ^^
 trying to draw a bird ^^

 a favorite of mine.. love those long eyelashes :) ^^

mom and kjel and merit dancing, or a zombie apocalypse? ^^

23 March, 2017

Kid Portraits: Merit

My favorite... ;)

21 March, 2017


Will started calling his hands his "turtles".

"Turtles want a granola bar," he informed me yesterday.

"Kiss turtles goodnight," he says, holding up his meaty little fists to my face.

He chats with them and kisses them and they crawl all over the place. 

He pronounces it "Tiddles" and if I ever make my own fists into turtles and call them Mommy Turtles he gets mad and says, "No, yose are you's hands."


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