17 December, 2014

This Autumn

These two, and the first house they hit up for Halloween. These people gave FULL SIZE candy bars. What is the world coming to?! In a good way ;)

I've happily let go of any ambitions for this silly blog of ours to be anything but a lovely memory book for my kids to occasionally glance at when they are feeling nostalgic as grown-ups.

I realized while nursing Will before his naps that I can blog from my phone (imagine that! technology!) and thereby move the over abundance of photos from my phone to their rightful home in our family chronicles. 

I felt the poor photo formatting deserved an explanation ;).

All of these pictures are from this autumn, which came and went far too quickly. It was a season of crisp apples, cool breezes, and long walks through crunchy leaves. I loved every second of it.

16 December, 2014


Last week I turned twenty-six!

I wanted a simple day and that's what I got, mostly ;).

We woke up and had a perfect breakfast that Steven made for me - roasted veggies and ham. Sound weird? It was sooooo good. The kids asked for cake after breakfast and who am I to ever say no to cake? So Steven brought out a cake box from Geddes Bakery and we all oohed and ahhhed over the perfectly frosted shadow cake he'd purchased. It was equally tasty as beautiful and soon we were all way too full but happy :). I opened presents - well, the kids opened them for me - and then we got ready and went caroling with the ward primary to a nursing home near the church.

All of the kids wore these cute felt elf hats and I about died when I heard Gage and Kjel's voices ringing out on "Away in a manger". KJ loves the "asleeps" and kept singing them long after we'd moved on to the next carol. 

Will was beyond exhausted when we got home, so I fed him and put him to bed, made the kids some lunch, and climbed into bed for a little while. I've been battling a chest cold for a couple of weeks and hoped it would be miraculously gone on my birthday, but nope. I coughed and read my book while Steven brought me mini basil-tomato-fresh mozzarella sandwiches on tiny slices of fresh baguette. Oh. My. First, I love that he understands my love of mini foods. Second, I have sorely missed bread and cheese over the past few months as I've been trying to lose this extra baby weight. So lunch was a major indulgence, polished off by a few almond cookies from my favorite bakery.

After I'd rested for a bit, we got KJ down for her nap and I dyed my hair. Long story, let's skip that part.

We relaxed, listened to Christmas music, and played with Gage until the kids woke up. I had wanted to take the kids on one of our favorite hikes and pull them around on their sleds, but my dang cough was just too yucky to commit to a long hike, so instead we went to a beautiful park nearby and played in a huge field of untouched snow. 

We came home and got the kids ready for bed and once they were asleep, went to pick up our friends' son whom we were watching for the night because they were on their way to the hospital to have a baby!

We'd originally planned to spend the evening working on our puzzle, watching a Christmas movie, and drinking hot chocolate in front of the fire. That didn't pan out ;). But we did get a few pieces in on the puzzle and hit the sack pretty early.

Lately at night it's been taking me two or three hours to fall asleep once the lights are out. That night was no different. When I finally started to drift off, Will woke up. He's teething so it took THREE hours to get him back down. By four, I was totally exhausted. And then Steven started throwing up. And then I started throwing up. Party!

The next day was Sunday and both Steven and I had about a million obligations that we had to reschedule or hand off to others whose heads weren't in their toilets ;). But the day passed pretty peacefully. The kids were bored, but they tried hard to be good while Steven and I took shifts watching them while the other one rested.

Overall, not a bad birthday! Almond cookies might be forever ruined for me, but I guess that's not a bad thing considering that there are like 800 calories in one cookie ;).

Happy birthday to me!

05 December, 2014

And So This is Christmas

We started Christmas early this year by putting up the tree a few days before Thanksgiving. It's a beautiful, fat Frasier Fir that smells like sweet sap.

We saw Santa that same weekend and while I personally thought he was not the real Santa (Steven and I met the real one and though this guy bore a strong resemblance he just wasn't the real one), the kids loved sitting on his lap, avoiding eye contact, and politely asking for power ranger Legos and a Princess Sofia doll, respectively. Will didn't ask for anything this year.

The house is now totally decorated and I'll post some photos soon but I wanted to share a sweet christmas love story about the first picture I'm posting. I had an extra garland and was feeling at odds with myself on where to put it. Steven saw that I was almost stressing over it and offered to find it a place. Ten minutes later I went into our room and he had shaped it into a heart, secured above our bed. I love his tender, romantic side! 

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