18 March, 2015

KJ Smiles

Nails painted, check. Hair done, check. "Papi" (paci) in hand, check (though we really need to wean her from it, dang it!), smile on, double check.

Never was there a more girly, bubbly, cheerful, bossy, silly child than KJ at (almost) three.

I used to think that all of my photos had to be high-quality, edited, and perfectly positioned to be posted on any social media. In the last couple of years though, I've learned that it's the imperfect photos that capture life as it really is, and I think that's how we'll all want to remember it. I do so love this life.

17 March, 2015

Will the Thrill

This time last year Will was in the hospital with RSV. So sad. This year, however, he's the healthiest, chubbiest, sweetest, most sensitive soul in the Nor'East. I breathe in his chubby neck rolls every day and run my fingers through his curls. Most days I wonder how I ever existed without him next to me. He hasn't started talking yet, which is totally fine, except that I am craving to hear him call me Mama. It's so magical and fulfilling when they start to identify you with words. Until then, his wet kisses and tight hugs are enough to keep me filled up with enough love to power a small country. 

These are some of my favorite photos of him lately from the past couple of months.

14 February, 2015

Our Little Ones Aren't So Little

Gage: Loves kindergarten, loves to read and write (favorite book is Fly Guy), squeezes Will's head a little to hard sometimes when he's feeling particularly affectionate. Asks kids to be his friend without any fear, is sometimes rejected, but once he's had a good cry with me gets over it (I admire that!). Loves pizza day at school and buys lunch every Friday so that he can get pizza and a popsicle. Dances like you've never seen when I play his jams. Prays constantly. Bears his testimony often to the family, but only once at church and it was a little freaky for him. Can play "Joy to the World" on our old piano. Loves Legos, Batman, Super Gage, Star Wars, Narnia, and eating snacks in his room in the morning before seven. Fears The Dark Hono, showers, and early bed times. Gage is everyone's hero, but more importantly, everyone's friend. He deliberately keeps the lights off upstairs when he has to grab something just to test his own bravery. He takes care of his siblings and takes care of me. Steven is his very best friend.

KJ: Oh, KJ. She is two going on thirteen. Loves her brothers, loves babies and baby animals. Loves books, especially "The Cookie Book". Stays in the bath way too long and naps like a champ (almost) every day. Loves flowers and jewelry and painting her nails. Craves dairy, all day long. Does ballet, paints pictures, sings made-up songs, and gives juicy kisses. Sometimes attacks Gage when she's grumpy. Nurtures and bosses and expects to be obeyed. Loves looking beautiful and being told she's important. Prays long, long, long morning and night prayers and always gives Heavenly Father a vivid account of what she's doing at that moment. Holds Daddy's face in her hands and strokes his stubbly beard, telling him that it's okay. Already has a Mother Heart.

Will: Just turned one! Has been walking since nine months, eats a lot. Nurses like a champ and always has. Says "Mama", "Dada", and "Jjjjgh," which we think is "Gage". Has a sensitive heart and feels rejected easily. Plays quietly by himself at certain times of the day with his little farm house and farm animals. Loves bath time, dancing around the house to Harry Connick Jr. in my arms, and chewing on chapter books. Belly laughs with Gage and coos romantically at Kjel. Gives open-mouth kisses and tight hugs. Struggles with sleep, but makes up for it with sweetness. My little boyfriend.
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